Four Corner Shooting Warm Up #1

As simple as this hockey drill appears it is very effective for particular situations. One situation is for practices or sessions that involve more than 25 players. The other situation is for a half ice practice. Each repetition involves 4 players and 4 shots at each end, so in a full ice practice 8 players are involved in each repetition. Each repetition consists of four shots. The repetitions are started on the whistle in which P1 carries the puck up the wall around the top of the circle and shoots. After the shot F2 does the same thing out of the other corner. After F2 shoots the puck then P3 carries the puck along the blue line and transitions around the face off dot so they are always facing the net. P3 then carries the puck into the zone and takes a long shot on net. Again, once the shot is taken then P4 does the same thing from the other side. Players out of the first two lines should work on moving their feet all the way through the shot. Players in lines 3 & 4 should work on controlling the puck while in transition and keeping their head up, especially as they enter the zone. It is also important to remind players in the corner to move the lines up so they do not get hit by pucks that miss the net. On the same subject it is good to emphasize hitting the net!

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