Frequently Asked Questions

  • Access to over 360 animated drills
  • Over 30 animated systems
  • Coaching videos from Blackhawks coaches Quenneville, Dineen, Kitchen, Waite, Hall of Famer Denis Savard and local guest coaches!
  • The ability to save drills & create your own practices
  • The ability to share animations with your team
  • You can organize drills into categories for easy access
  • You can print PDF’s of all drills and practices
  • Coaching advice from expert bloggers
  • Ability to submit your practice plan for review and "ask an expert" about a challenge you are facing as a coach

Our membership is $69 and gives you access to all of the content and functionality for 1 calendar year. A portion of each membership goes directly back to the Eddie Olczyk Award (EOA) which supports young hockey players and teams in Illinois who may not have the means to play at a competitive level.

The first thing to do is check and make sure you are logged in and your membership is active.  If you are logged in as an active member and you are still not able to view the animations then try the next step, which is updating your browser. If you have signed up as an active member and you are still not able to view the animations then it may be a result of your internet browser.  The animations are displayed as html files embedded in an iframe.  Some of the older browsers do not support html5 content and therefore will not display the animation.  This is an easy fix. The first step is to find out what kind of browser you are using, go to the home page, and update your browser to the latest version. Our recommendation is to download the latest version of either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

There are a few selected hockey drills on our free drills page that can be viewed by non-members, however, in order to access all of the animated drills then you need to become a member of the Chicago Blackhawks Coaches Club.

All of our drills include an animation, diagram, DrillDraw file download, and PDF download. To take advantage of all the tools you must have an active membership.
Once a practice has been created then it is easy to add drills to that practice. As you view drills your practices will be listed along the left hand side of the page. Click the “Add” button next to the practice you would like to add that drill to. That drill will now be added to the practice.
Yes, we offer a couple of ways to do this. If you have more than one coach that would like their own account then please contact us about an organizational membership. We will typically offer a discount to coaches within the same organization. The second method does not require an additional membership. Every member has the ability to create a “Team Login”. When logged in visit your “Dashboard”. You will see a green link to create your “Team Login”. On the next page you will be asked to fill out a short form.  Once we receive the request we will review it and set up the team login you will be notified with your “Team Login” credentials.  These credentials can be shared with your players and coaches so they can login to view practices that you have set up.

Unfortunately we do not offer any software to help you animate your own drills. However, if there are any drills that you would like us to animate for you, please submit them through the Contact Us page and we will put them in our que to animate for you.  Also, if you have any drill diagrams, you can add them to any practices that you create.

Since we have over 360 drills, we created specific categorized drill lists for you to organize the drills that you really like.  The current drill lists include Practice Drills, Favorites, Useful, Offensive, Defensive, Passing, Shooting, Warm Up, Conditioning, and 1 on 1 Drills.  Whenver you view a drill you can add it to one of these lists by clicking the List button at the bottom of the drill page.  That drill will then be added to the corresponding list and you can access it easily through your dashboard.

Drill lists are available to logged in members only. When you view a drill the “Drill List” buttons are located near the bottom of the page. When clicked, these buttons will save the currently viewed drill to that list. That drill will then be added to the corresponding list and you can access it easily through your dashboard.

Adding a drill to your practice is very easy.  Once you create a practice through your dashboard you will notice that the practice will show up on the left hand side of the page anytime that you are on a "Drill" page.  If you like the drill and want to add it to a practice you can just click "add" to the corresponding practice and it will automatically be added.  All of your practices will be listed so you can add the drill to multiple practices at once if need be. Also, if you know the name of a drill, you can add it directly in while creating the practice.

Drills have been categorized into hockey terms (such as breakouts, 2 on 1, passing, etc...) and age groups.  You will notice links to these categories along the left hand side.

To print a drill your membership must be active and you must be logged in.  Once you are logged in then go to the desired drill page.  On the drill page you will see a print icon.  Click the print icon to open up a printer friendly page and follow your browser's instructions for printing to your printer.

If you forgot your password then please contact us.  We will need to reset your password manually.

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