Blocking shots for scoring opportunities

October 29th, 2014

Blocking shots the correct way is not only important for safety but can also lead to scoring opportunities. 

As a winger, one of your primary responsibilities in the defensive zone is to position yourself in the shooting lane of the opposing team's defensemen. This prevents opposing D from taking a clear shot on net while also putting you in good position to defend the half wall or initiate the breakout. 

The angle that you take towards the defenseman is very important. If you charge straight at the D, not only will it be easy for them to deke around you, but you also set yourself up for a "fly by". 

In the following clip you will see Michael Frolik do a great job staying in the shooting lane and taking away options. Frolik‚Äôs stick is in the passing lane which leaves Yandle only one safe option, which is to dump the puck in deep. Instead, Yandle tries for the shot and surrenders a breakaway. This is a perfect example of how sound defense can lead to high quality scoring opportunities. 

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